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Practice Areas

Civil Litigation, Trial & Appeals

At GNM, we understand the importance of identifying all available options for our clients to successfully resolve disputes, where prudent, without litigation. When litigation is required, however, our skilled trial lawyers will vigorously pursue the clients’ objectives and maximize the opportunity for a successful outcome at trial. Our trial lawyers have years of experience representing clients in complex litigation in both Federal and Colorado Courts. We consistently achieve successful results for our clients both in and out of the courtroom.

We have significant experience litigating a broad range of complex commercial and civil matters, including: contract disputes; partnership disputes; construction disputes; land use and zoning issues; insurance law; litigation involving local governments; constitutional law/civil rights issues; negligence; personal injury; eminent domain; appeals; and wrongful death.

GNM maintains frequent and direct communication with our clients. GNM believes that responsiveness to client concerns and input is vital to a successful litigation strategy. GNM attorneys also regularly counsel clients on ways to avoid litigation and minimize exposure to lawsuits. We frequently settle or resolve disputes promptly through creative negotiation, direct action, or alternative dispute resolution.

GNM lawyers have significant experience and expertise in appellate cases in front of the Colorado Court of Appeals, the Colorado Supreme Court, and the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals. GNM has attorneys who are admitted to and have practiced before the United States Supreme Court.

Personal Injury & Wrongful Death

Our personal injury attorneys represent plaintiffs and defendants in serious injury and wrongful death cases involving auto accidents, premises liability, auto defects, product liability, and other types of negligence claims.

Real Estate

GNM attorneys represent real estate developers, property owners, tenants, and homeowners associations in a wide range of real estate matters including acquisitions and dispositions, construction, financing, leasing, zoning, land use, due diligence, title reviews, corporate real estate matters, and property management issues.

We have extensive experience in all types of real estate transactions including office leases, industrial leases, retail leases, commercial and residential purchase transactions, and loan financing transactions. We assist buyers and sellers in contract negotiation and preparation, title examination and other due diligence matters, and closings. We have extensive experience with real estate loan workouts and foreclosures. We have assisted clients in the successful litigation of adverse possession disputes and boundary and access issues.

The firm provides a full range of services for builders and developers, including acquisitions, subdivision, and the guidance of projects through land use and zoning boards. Whether the project is residential, agricultural, commercial, or industrial, we have experience in structuring and completing development projects that are successful. We assist developers regarding their organizational structure, development management agreements, construction agreements, and project governing documents, including issues relating to Colorado’s Common Interest Ownership Act.

Land Use

GNM attorneys represent local governments and real estate development professionals in the area of land use. We regularly work with city and county planning staffs, and have appeared before, as well as represented, planning commissions, boards of adjustment, city councils, county commissioners, and other decision-makers in the land use process.

Our land use attorneys often represent developers in the land use and zoning approval process. We consult with government planning personnel, attend city and county meetings, public hearings, make client presentations, and help keep the approval process moving ahead. We anticipate land use issues before they arise and work out solutions with local city councils and commissions.

Our lawyers litigate the full range of land use issues in Colorado. We have extensive background in Takings Law, which provides just compensation for landowners when property is taken for public use by an exercise of the local government’s right of eminent domain.

Commercial Transactions

With substantial experience in corporate and other business entity organization, secured transactions, real estate law, and employment law, our attorneys are able to provide strategic counseling and transaction-specific assistance for virtually any legal or public policy issue that a business may encounter. The firm regularly provides counsel on a wide variety of legal issues that arise in day-to-day business operations.

Business Entities & Nonprofits

From entity selection and founders’ agreements, to ongoing operational and governance matters, including employment issues and policies, to succession plans, sales, and dissolution, we provide expertise and trusted counsel to meet our business clients’ needs every step of the way.

Our attorneys are also experienced with the unique issues affecting nonprofit and charitable organizations.

Criminal Defense

GNM represents criminal defendants throughout Southwest Colorado in both State, Tribal and Federal Courts in a wide variety of matters including: federal and state drug offenses; crimes of violence such as assault and murder; property crimes; DUI/DWAI; juvenile; and criminal appeals.

Our clients include college students and licensed professionals whose careers and reputations are at stake. We also represent criminal defendants in collateral administrative matters which often accompany criminal charges such as license revocations, administrative registrations, and professional and academic disciplinary proceedings.

Oil and Gas

Our firm assists surface owners with regard to the negotiation of surface use agreements and in litigation, where necessary, to ensure oil and gas operations minimize adverse impacts to the surface estate. We are particularly familiar with the state and local regulatory structures that govern oil and gas operations, especially as they address surface owners directly impacted by oil and gas construction, maintenance and ongoing operations.


GNM has significant experience representing federally regulated banks and other lending institutions. Such experience encompasses regulatory matters, litigation, debt collection, lending documentation including business and real estate lending, and creditors’ rights.

Public Entity & Local Government

GNM’s public entity/governmental practice provides services as general and special counsel to all types of governmental entities, including counties, home-rule municipalities, statutory towns and cities, and special districts, in a diverse range of legal matters, including general government administration, law enforcement, land use, employment, taxation, annexation, and litigation related to such issues. GNM is litigation counsel for both CIRSA and CTSI (Colorado’s self insurance pools for local governments) serving southwest Colorado.

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